Friday, July 15, 2016

Hot Glue turquoise beads!

    Make a whole strand of these for about $1!
  Just cut blue, green, and white Mod Melts in segments and watch the colors randomly swirl as it's squeezed from the glue gun nozzle. The stronger color will depend on the size of your color segments. The photo to the right illustrates how my color segments were cut. I adhered then slightly by touching the ends with the nozzle of a hot glue gun.

  Extrude your mixed colors around your bead mandrel coated with our special bead release mixture.

  When the bead is cool and hard, you may leave it as is, or wipe burnt umber or black paint in the crevices. If you want to give the beads a glossy finish, do so before you add the stains to the crevices, it looks more natural.


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